Software developer licence agreement

Software developers intending to create software products for the System, such as billing tools, electronic medical records systems, and other e-tools, are required to enter into a licence agreement with IHPA.

Software developer licence agreement fees are outlined below:

  • Australian small business entity*: AUD$2000
  • Australian large business entity*: AUD$11250
  • International entity: AUD$11250

*Definitions of Australian small and large business entities are available from the Australian Taxation Office.

The licence agreement provides the licenced software developer with the right to obtain the Electronic code lists (ECLs) up to and including the current edition of the ICD-10-AM diseases and related health problems list, and the ACHI interventions list, both of which must be purchased separately. Alternatively, the Licensee can obtain the ECLs from a licenced country through a sub-licensing arrangement with that country. The term of this agreement is indefinite, however a new agreement is required to access future versions as they become available.

Under the terms of the agreement, the licencee may only sell products to clients located in licenced countries. Licencees may need to obtain permission to operate commercially within the country to which they wish to sell their products if that country requires commercial authorisation (see Table 1). This is a separate agreement between the licencee and licenced country. Visit the Country licence agreements page for a list of current country licence agreements.

Applying for a licence

Applications may be made online via the AR-DRG Classification System Product Sales website.

To obtain a PDF copy of this form, please contact the licencing team via classification.licensing [at] (email).

Completed applications will be assessed and approved by IHPA.