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NWAU calculators 2021–22

To assist in applying the National Efficient Price Determination 2021–22 price weights and adjustments, the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority has developed versions of the National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) calculators described in the National Pricing Model Technical Specifications. Each iteration of the NWAU calculators includes a user guide, which outlines the introductory steps required to download and operate the calculators in Microsoft Excel.

Access SAS-based calculators for 2021–22 here.

Note: The SAS-based calculators for 2021–22 are hosted on an external file sharing website, Some firewalls and virtual private servers (VPS) may block access to this page. Please contact your organisation’s IT support for further information.

Public hospital managers seeking assistance with implementation are asked to contact their jurisdictional representative.

NWAU calculators are available for each service stream below.

NWAU calculators 2021–22

Service stream .xlsb format
Admitted acute services Admitted acute
Admitted subacute services Admitted subacute
Emergency department services (AECC) Emergency department (AECC)
Emergency department services (UDG) Emergency department (UDG)
Non-admitted services Non-admitted
Admitted and community mental health services (AMHCC shadow) Admitted and community mental health services (AMHCC shadow)