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NWAU calculators 2014-15

To assist in applying the NEP14 price weights and adjustments, IHPA released operating versions of the National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) calculators described in the National Pricing Model Technical Specification 2014-15. The introductory steps required to download and operate the calculators in Microsoft Excel are set out in the Explanatory Notes.

NWAU calculators are available for each service stream.  Excel-based NWAU calculators are provided on the IHPA website. SAS-based calculators have been provided to jurisdictions and are available on request by emailing enquiries.ihpa [at]

Public hospital managers seeking access to the SAS-based calculators and/or assistance with implementation are asked to contact their jurisdictional representative.

2014-15 NWAU calculators

Service Stream .xls format .xlsm format
Acute Admitted Services
Subacute and Non-Acute Admitted Services
Emergency Department Services


Non-Admitted Outpatient Services

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