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NHCDC public sector

The National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC) for the public sector, collected through the states and territories, is the primary data collection used to develop the national efficient price. 

It is an annual and voluntary collection of public hospital data. To ensure it is robust for National Efficient Price and National Efficient Cost Determination, once received at the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, the NHCDC undergoes validation, quality assurance checks and reporting to allow benchmarking. Each yearly collection includes an independent financial review and the production of a public hospital cost report that contains cost weight tables. 

Round 25 (financial year 2020–21)

Round 24 (financial year 2019–20)

Round 23 (financial year 2018–19)

Round 22 (financial year 2017–18)

Round 21 (financial year 2016–17)

Round 20 (financial year 2015–16)

Round 19 (financial year 2014–15)

Round 18 (financial year 2013–14) 

Round 17 (financial year 2012–13)

Round 16 (financial year 2011–12)

Round 15 (financial year 2010–11)