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Mapping tables

Mapping tables for ICD-10-AM and ACHI

Mapping tables provide a link between two editions of a classification. There are two types of mapping tables provided in the ICD-10-AM and ACHI maps: 

  • Backward maps – provides equivalent code for new codes in the newer edition
  • Forward maps – provides equivalent codes for deleted codes in the newer edition

Both of these types of maps provide an equivalent code that best matches the concept from a clinical perspective (called historical maps) as well as an AR-DRG perspective (called logical maps). Sometimes the historical map and the logical map are the same code.

Multiple historical maps are provided where there are multiple codes that can be mapped from one edition to the next. The first historical map provided in the mapping table is the closest match to code descriptor, alphabetic index entries or relevant coding conventions.

Mapping tables for ICD-10-AM and ACHI First to Third Edition are provided for free:

Mapping tables for ICD-10-AM and ACHI Fourth to Eleventh Edition are available for purchase. For further information, please see Products and Licences.

Mapping tables for ICD-10

To maintain compatibility with the World Health Organization’s ICD-10, mapping tables are provided to link ICD-10-AM codes with ICD-10.