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National Benchmarking Portal

The National Benchmarking Portal (NBP) is a secure web based application that provides access to compare costs and activity data from public hospitals across the country.

The NBP improves hospital managers’ ability to compare differences in activity, costs and efficiency at similar hospitals using the national weighted activity unit (NWAU).

Using data collected in the National Hospital Cost Data Collection, the portal allows users to compare cost and activity data at jurisdiction, local hospital hetwork and hospital level, and allows the comparison of cost at the cost bucket and classification level, simplifying performance benchmarking and highlighting clinical variation.

Access to the portal is controlled by jurisdictions. Hospital managers must contact their jurisdictional representative as provided in the table below:

  First name Last name Jurisdiction Email
Mr Stathi Tsangaris Northern Territory stathi.tsangaris [at]
Mr Colin McCrow Queensland HPFP-FCPM [at]
Mr Barry Hagan Tasmania ClinicalCosting [at]
Mr Matt Green
Mr Neville Onley New South Wales nonle [at]
Mr Mohan Singh Australian Capital Territory mohan.singh [at]
Mr Steve  McClure  South Australia Health.ABF [at]
Mr Rob Anderson Western Australia rob.anderson [at]
Ms Fifine Cahill Commonwealth fifine.cahill [at]
Mr Ian Dobson Victoria NBPVIC [at]