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Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups Version 10.0

The Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups ( AR-DRG) Version 10.0 was approved by the Pricing Authority in April 2019 and was implemented from 1 July 2020 to price episodes of admitted acute patient care.

The development process has used clinical input, statistical analysis and extensive consultation with clinicians, jurisdictions and other health sector stakeholders. 

A major focus for this version was to review the complexity model, specifically the diagnosis exclusions, and its overall stability. Further detail on what was reviewed for AR-DRG Version 10.0 can be found in the Final Report.

    AR-DRG Version 10.0 Errata

    AR-DRG Version 10.0 Final Report

    The AR-DRG Version 10.0 Final Report details the changes and rationale for the refinement process.

    AR-DRG Version 10.0 Technical Specifications

    This document accompanies the AR-DRG Version 10.0 Final Report. It provides the methodology and technical specifications used in developing AR-DRG V10.0 including:

    • data preparation and modification
    • derivation of the Episode Clinical Complexity Score (ECCS)
    • Adjacent Diagnosis Related Groups (ADRG) splitting review
    • ADRG hierarchy review.

    AR-DRG Version 10.0 Technical Specifications (Word)

      AR-DRG Version 10.0 Descriptions

      The AR-DRG Version 10.0 descriptions provide a full listing of long and short descriptions for Major Diagnostic Categories, Adjacent Diagnosis Related Groups and Diagnosis Related Groups.

      AR-DRG Version 10.0 Descriptions (Excel)

        AR-DRG Version 10.0 Definitions manual appendices

        This document provides an electronic version of the appendices in AR-DRG Version 10.0 Definitions Manual Volume Three, including:

        • Appendix A: Diagnosis Code/MDC/ADRG Index
        • Appendix B: Intervention Code/ MDC/ADRG Index
        • Appendix C: Diagnosis Complexity Level Exclusions
        • Appendix D: Age and Sex Conflicts
        • Appendix E: General Interventions.

        AR-DRG Version 10.0 Definitions Manual Appendices (Excel)

          AR-DRG Previous versions

          IHPA in consultation with its stakeholders, has advised on the timeline for the phasing out of the support for older versions of the AR-DRG classification in use in Australia. From 1 July 2019 AR-DRG Version 4.2 (and any versions prior to this) will not be supported. 

          For further information, visit Cessation of support for old AR-DRG versions.

          Below are the previous AR-DRG versions and their associated resources: