WRITEitRIGHT™ mobile reference tool

IHPA has developed WRITEitRIGHT™ as part of a suite of educational tools to promote safety and quality in health care, clinical research, benchmarking and service planning.

WRITEitRIGHT™ is a quick reference tool to support clinicians in driving improvements in clinical documentation in Australian hospitals.

The mobile application aims to support the clear, accurate and complete documentation by prompting when a user should move from general to specific terminology with a directory of clinical terms and diagnoses drawn from ICD-10-AM and Australian Coding Standards.

The user-friendly tool is intended to complement existing processes and assist hospitals with capturing vital data to reflect the scope of services provided, and reducing the number of amendments to medical records after a patient has been discharged.

WRITEitRIGHT™ is free to download from the App Store and Play Store.

For enquiries and support contact appsupport [at] ihpa.gov.au.

Download the factsheet to learn more about how the app works.