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Teaching, Training and Research classification development

Teaching, Training and Research Working Group

IHPA began its work by establishing the Teaching, Training and Research Working Group (TTRWG) in February 2013 to develop a work program on approaches to the classification and costing of teaching, training and research activities undertaken within public hospitals. The TTRWG meets approximately every six weeks and has a large and broad membership, including jurisdictional representatives from state, territory and Commonwealth health departments, professional bodies, higher education (including those representing rural interests) and research.

Establishing a data collection

National data collections are essential to the development of classifications and the implementation of ABF. IHPA therefore commenced development of a teaching, training and research data set specification (DSS) in early 2013 with the aim of introducing a best efforts collection of national activity data using this DSS from 1 July 2014. During development of this DSS, it was decided that research should initially be excluded from the DSS until a better understanding of the drivers of research costs was available.

IHPA develops DSS in accordance with national health data standards, working in consultation with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and National Health Information Standards and Statistics Committee. In December 2013, the Hospital Teaching and Training Activities (HTTA) DSS 2014-15 was endorsed by the National Health Information Standards and Statistics Committee as a nationally recognised DSS. A 'research activities cluster' was added to later versions of the DSS with the release of the Hospital Teaching, Training and Research Activities (HTTRA) DSS in 2015.

Definitions and cost drivers project

An initial step in the teaching, training and research work program was the engagement of a consultant to:

  • develop a set of nationally agreed definitions for teaching, training and research
  • identify and analyse cost drivers for teaching, training and research
  • produce a classification development framework which considers the ways in which identified cost drivers could be grouped in meaningful ways that explained resource usage.

The outcomes of this consultancy underpinned IHPA's advice to the COAG Health Council and form the basis for IHPA's work on classification, counting, costing and pricing processes for teaching, training and research. Read more about the definitions here.

Teaching, training and research costing study

In September 2015, IHPA engaged a consortium to undertake a six-month costing study in 19 public hospitals across Australia.

The Teaching, Training and Research (TTR) costing study commenced at sites on 1 May 2015 and data collection was completed in October 2015.

Data collected from the study will inform the development of the Australian Teaching Training Classification (ATTC).

The final report for the TTR costing study was released in September 2016.

Classification development

With the development process now finalised, IHPA has released the Australian Teaching and Training Classification (ATTC) Version 1.0 effective 1 July 2018.