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Rules for coding and reporting COVID-19 episodes of care

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    March 10, 2021
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On 13 March 2020, the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments signed the National Partnership on COVID-19 Response, in order to provide financial assistance for the additional costs incurred by health services in responding to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.

In order to implement the measures under the agreement and accurately capture COVID-19 episodes of care and COVID-19 related hospital activity for other purposes, IHPA has issued national classification and reporting rules to ensure this activity is captured on a nationally consistent basis.

IHPA has developed a compendium of COVID-19 classification advice that specifies the rules for coding and reporting of COVID-19 episodes of care in Australian public hospitals in the following settings:

  • admitted care
  • emergency department care
  • non-admitted care.

Please refer to How to classify COVID-19, a dedicated webpage that brings together all advice related to the classification of COVID-19 and provides supplementary guidance and FAQs to assist in the coding of COVID-19.

Where required, this publication may be updated to address the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep up to date with information about this publication by visiting this page regularly.

Version history



Version 2.0 10 March 2021 - Incorporating new class 10.21 COVID-19 vaccination and related counting rules.
Version 1.1 1 May 2020 -  Added references to frequently asked questions, updated web links (including 'How to classify COVID-19') and addressed typographical changes.
Version 1.0 3 April 2020