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AR-DRG Version 11.0

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    June 6, 2022
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The Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (AR-DRGs) is a classification system, which provides a clinically meaningful way to relate the number and type of patients treated in a hospital to the resources required by the hospital. AR-DRGs group patients with similar diagnoses requiring similar hospital services. 

AR-DRG Version 11.0 was approved by the Pricing Authority in February 2022 and has been finalised in accordance with the Governance Framework for the Development of the Admitted Care Classifications. This included consultation with clinicians and other health sector stakeholders represented on IHPA’s technical and advisory committees.

The Definitions Manual for AR-DRG Version 11.0 will be published as a set of three volumes which contain the following products:

  • Volume 1: DRGs A13A–I80Z
  • Volume 2: DRGs J01A–Z66Z
  • Volume 3: Appendices

The AR-DRG Version 11.0 Definitions Manual will be available to purchase from mid-July 2022 from the Lane Print website

It is anticipated that AR-DRG Version 11.0 will supersede AR-DRG Version 10.0 and be applicable for separations from 1 July 2023.

Additional resources related to Version 11.0 include:

  • Final Report – outlines the changes made for AR-DRG Version 11.0 and details the refinement process and rationale for changes
  • Technical Specifications – details the methodology and technical specifications used in the development of AR-DRG Version 11.0, including:
    • data preparation and modification
    • Adjacent Diagnosis Related Group (ADRG) intervention hierarchy review
    • derivation of the Episode Clinical Complexity Score (ECCS)
    • ADRG splitting review.
  • Descriptions – provides a full listing of long and short descriptions for Major Diagnostic Categories, Adjacent Diagnosis Related Groups and Diagnosis Related Groups.
  • Definitions Manual Appendices – provides an electronic version of the appendices in AR-DRG Version 11.0 Definitions Manual Volume 3: Appendices
    • Appendix A: Diagnosis Code/MDC/ADRG Index
    • Appendix B: Intervention Code/MDC/ADRG Index
    • Appendix C: Diagnosis Complexity Level Exclusions
    • Appendix D: Age and Sex Conflicts
    • Appendix E: General Interventions

Please note that the purchase and use of these products are subject to licence arrangements.


Previous versions:
•    AR-DRG Version 10.0
•    AR-DRG Version 9.0
•    AR-DRG Version 8.0
•    AR-DRG Version 7.0
•    AR-DRG Version 6.x
•    Cessation of support for old AR-DRG versions