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Education tools

As outlined in the National Health Reform Agreement 2011, the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) has an important role in the development of national training resources for activity based funding. In particular, this includes providing national educational resources that explain activity based funding concepts to the health sector and the general public.

Below are some tools that IHPA has developed to assist in educating the health sector and the general public. 


IHPA hosts a biennial conference and an educational webinar series to bring together health professionals from across Australia and abroad to learn more about the implementation of activity based funding and to ensure there are continuing opportunities for engagement, professional development and public discourse on its application.

Access IHPA’s calendar of events to learn more about IHPA’s upcoming Activity Based Funding Conference and the educational Q&A webinar series.

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Allied Health webinar – IHPA and activity based funding

Watch or listen to Allied Health Professions Association providing an overview of Activity Based Funding as it relates to allied health.

Australian Mental Health Care Classification

IHPA has developed an animated film and infographic to explain the need for a consumer-level classification for mental health care in Australia and to describe  the background to the development of the Australian Mental Health Care Classification.


Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards Version 4.0

IHPA has developed the below animation to introduce the Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards (AHPCS) version 4.0, which was published in 2018. 

Medical records and data driven health care

Together with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, IHPA has developed this animation to explain the secondary uses of patient medical records. It aims to encourage clear, accurate and complete documentation in patient medical records.

National Hospital Cost Data Collection cycle

IHPA has developed an animated film and infographic to explain the National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC) cycle from patient admission through to the publication of the NHCDC.

The NHCDC is the primary data collection used to develop the national efficient price and national efficient cost. IHPA works with all states and territories to coordinate the collection and reporting of the NHCDC each year.