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Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2017-18

The Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services is updated annually and outlines the principles, scope and methodology adopted by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) to determine the National Efficient Price (NEP) and the National Efficient Cost (NEC) Determinations for Australian public hospital services for the specific financial year.

Consultation paper

Consultation Paper on the Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2017-18

Submissions received

PDF icon Alfred Health88.12 KB
PDF icon Austin Health437.32 KB
PDF icon Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry103.81 KB
PDF icon Australian Capital Territory Health448.68 KB
PDF icon Australian Government - Department of Health524.79 KB
PDF icon Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care857.24 KB
PDF icon Australian Health Service Alliance37.86 KB
PDF icon Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association481.64 KB
PDF icon Australian Medical Association306.56 KB
PDF icon Catholic Health Australia199.45 KB
PDF icon Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service1.85 MB
PDF icon Children's Healthcare Australasia574.87 KB
PDF icon Dr Kathryn Antioch, Health Economics and Funding Reforms380.15 KB
PDF icon Dr Marlene Eggert - Personal Submission35.66 KB
PDF icon Dr. Nicola Dean - Personal Submission151.05 KB
PDF icon Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia95.49 KB
PDF icon Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, Queensland Government887.14 KB
PDF icon Health Care Consumers' Association298.35 KB
PDF icon Health Services Chief Executives' Forum, Queensland Government1.55 MB
PDF icon Lorica Health198.89 KB
PDF icon Medibank120.5 KB
PDF icon Medtronic400.52 KB
PDF icon Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research219.28 KB
PDF icon Monash University School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine44.59 KB
PDF icon National Health Funding Body143.1 KB
PDF icon New South Wales Ministry of Health609.19 KB
PDF icon North West Hospital and Health Service, Queensland Government50.26 KB
PDF icon Northern Territory, Department of Health445.13 KB
PDF icon Peninsula Health185.79 KB
PDF icon Professor Jacqueline Close - Personal Response79.13 KB
PDF icon Professor Robert Padbury - Personal Submission17.56 KB
PDF icon Queensland Health627.89 KB
PDF icon Queensland Nurses Union510.19 KB
PDF icon Royal Australasian College of Physicians524.21 KB
PDF icon Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists126.34 KB
PDF icon South Australia Health170.26 KB
PDF icon The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia483.17 KB
PDF icon Tasmania, Department of Health and Human Services1.43 MB
PDF icon Universities Australia807.01 KB
PDF icon Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services654.63 KB
PDF icon Western Australia, Department of Health470.36 KB
PDF icon Western Australia, Mental Health Commission110.84 KB
PDF icon Women's Healthcare Australasia872.49 KB
PDF icon Yates, Bail, Tebbutt and MacDermott - Response by Clinicians42.21 KB

Submissions were forwarded to IHPA in a range of formats including Word, RTF, PDF and handwritten or typed hardcopy. In order to make submissions available as soon as possible, most submissions have been published in their original format. Handwritten submissions have been scanned into PDF documents. If the content has been emailed to IHPA the text of email submissions has been reproduced in Word format.
If you need help please contact IHPA by email enquiries.ihpa [at] or by calling +61 2 8215 1100.