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Non-admitted care costing study - data collection

The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) invited all interested parties to provide comment on the Non-admitted care costing study - data collection public consultation paper. 

All submissions are be published on the IHPA website unless respondents specifically identified any sections that they believed should be kept confidential due to commercial or other reasons.

Responses received 
  1. Perth Children's Hospital Burns Unit
  2. WA Department of Health
  3. Johnson & Johnson Pty Ltd
  4. NSW Cancer Institute
  5. QLD Health
  6. National Allied Health Classification Committee
  7. The Australian Psychological Society
  8. NSW Health

Submissions can be forwarded to IHPA in a range of formats including Word, RTF, PDF and handwritten or typed hardcopy. In order to make submissions available as soon as possible, submissions will be published in their original format. Handwritten submissions will be scanned into PDF documents. If the content has been emailed to IHPA the text of email submissions will be reproduced in Word format.
If you need help please contact IHPA by email enquiries.ihpa [at] or by calling +61 2 8215 1100.