Jurisdictional Advisory Committee

The Jurisdictional Advisory Committee (JAC) provides advice to the Pricing Authority on matters relating to IHPA's work program. 

Membership of the JAC consists of a Chair appointed by the Pricing Authority and nine other members, one to represent each state, territory and the Commonwealth Government.

The JAC was established under s. 195 of the National Health Reform Act 2011. JAC members are appointed by written instrument by the head of the health department of each state and territory. The Commonwealth Government member is appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Health. Members of the JAC are listed below.

  • Mr James Downie (Chair), Independent Hospital Pricing Authority
  • Ms Alanna Foster, Commonwealth Department of Health
  • Ms Elizabeth Koff, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Mr Jamin Woolcock, SA Health
  • Ms Toni Cunningham, Queensland Health
  • Mr Beress Brooks, Department of Health, Western Australia
  • Ms Frances Diver, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
  • Ms Lisa Watson, Department of Health, Northern Territory
  • Mr Michael Pervan, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
  • Mr Kim Smith, ACT Government Health