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Clinical Advisory Committee

The IHPA Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) was established to ensure that clinicians had an input in the development of a national ABF system through the provision of timely and quality clinical advice to inform Pricing Authority decision making.

The CAC is a key component of the National Health Reform Agreement and the National Health Reform Act 2011, which recognises the critical role of clinicians in the development of Activity Based Funding (ABF).

Members are appointed by the Commonwealth Minister for Health and are drawn from a range of clinical specialties and backgrounds to ensure the CAC represents a wide range of clinical expertise.

Members of the CAC:

  • A/Prof Alasdair MacDonald (Chair), Internal Medicine
  • Prof Gerard Carroll, Cardiology/ Rural
  • A/Prof Paul Varghese, Geriatrics/ Rehabilitation
  • A/Prof Bernard Whitfield, Ear Nose and Throat Surgery/ Injuries/Trauma
  • Dr Philip Hoyle, Administration
  • A/Prof Louis Irving, Respiratory/ Indigenous Health
  • Prof Daryl Williams, Anaesthesia and Pain Management
  • Prof Leon Flicker, Geriatrics/ Indigenous Health
  • Dr Amanda Ling, Administration
  • Dr Amod Karnik, Intensive Care specialist
  • Ms Jan Erven, Extended Care Manager, Occupational Therapist
  • Ms Amber Polles, Pharmacy
  • Dr Ruth Vine, Chief Psychiatrist
  • Dr Jo Wright, Rural Medical Practice
  • A/Prof Melinda Truesdale, Emergency Care specialist
  • A/Prof Andrew Wei, Haematology
  • Mr Anthony Graham Fish, Allied Health
  • Dr Kathryn Zeitz, Nursing
  • A/Prof Virginia Plummer, Nursing
  • Dr Phil Sargent, Paediatrics