Development of the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (AR-DRG) V10.0

AR-DRG Version 10.0 was approved by the Pricing Authority in April 2019. Development of Version 10.0 was finalised following clinical and statistical analysis and in consultation with clinicians, jurisdictions and other health sector stakeholders. It is anticipated that it will be used to price admitted acute episodes of care from 1 July 2020.

A major focus for V10.0 has been to review the diagnosis exclusions within the complexity model and its overall stability.

The AR-DRG Version 10.0 Final Report details the changes and rationale for the refinement process.

This document accompanies the AR-DRG V10.0 Final Report. It provides the methodology and technical specifications used in developing AR-DRG V10.0 including:

  • Data preparation and modification;
  • Derivation of the Episode Clinical Complexity Score (ECCS)
  • Adjacent Diagnosis Related Groups (ADRG) splitting review;
  • ADRG hierarchy review.

The AR-DRG Version 10.0 Descriptions provide a full listing of long and short descriptions for MDCs, ADRGs and DRGs.



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