Software developer licence agreement

Software developers can create software products for the AR-DRG Classification System (the System) such as billing tools, electronic medical record systems and other e-tools.  These software products can contextualise the information within the System and provide interfaces that allow users to operate the System.

The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) allows software developers to obtain the Electronic Code Lists (ECLs) required to produce their software for the System by entering into an agreement called the Software Development Licence Agreement.

What is a software development licence agreement?

The Software Development Licence Agreement is a licence from IHPA which grants the Licensee the right to obtain the ECLs for the ICD-10-AM diseases and related health problems list and the ACHI interventions list. These ECLs contain codes which are provided in comma delimited text format (.txt).

Each Software Development Licence Agreement will incur a fee of AUD 11,250.  This fee takes into account the Commonwealth's investment into the continuous development and refinement of the System and is a proportion of the commercial value of the System.

The Software Development Licence Agreement term is indefinite and grants access up to and including the current edition of ICD-10-AM and ACHI.

The Software Developer Licence Agreement does not grant access to future editions. A new Software Development Licence Agreement is required to access any and all future editions when they become available.

What can I do with the software development licence agreement?

With the Software Development Licence Agreement a software developer can access the ECLs to produce software for the System from anywhere in the world.

However, the sales of the product MUST be limited to clients in either Australia or other countries that are licensed for the System.  A full list of countries that are licensed for the System can be found on the AR-DRG Classification System Sales page.

A Licensee wishing to sell its products to clients in a licensed country other than in Australia must first obtain authorisation from the licensed country permitting the Licensee to operate commercially within its territories.  This authorisation is a separate arrangement between the Licensee and the licensed government and must be in writing.

After the Software Development Licence Agreement has been executed, the Licensee must separately purchase the ECLs.  Alternatively, the Licensee can obtain the ECLs from a licensed country through a sub-licensing arrangement with that country.

The rights granted under the Software Development Licence Agreement CANNOT be further sub-licensed.  Sub-contracting is permitted under the Agreement, but only under the strict circumstance that sub-contracting is for the purpose of producing the Licensee's product.

How can I apply for the software development licence agreement?

To apply for a Software Development Licence Agreement, you must complete a Software Developer Licence Application and return it to IHPA at the Classification.Licensing [at]">Classification Licensing mailbox

To obtain a copy the Software Development Licence Agreement Application Form, please contact IHPA at the Classification.Licensing [at] (Classification Licensing mailbox).

The application must be approved by IHPA.  Once approved, the application form will be attached to the Software Development Licence Agreement and will be used to set the parameters of the licence.

Contact us

For questions regarding the Software Development Licence Agreement, please contact IHPA at the Classification.Licensing [at] (Classification Licensing mailbox).

How to purchase classification system materials and products

Materials for the AR-DRG classification system such as grouper software, hard copy manuals, mappings, electronic codes and training can be purchased through separate agreements with vendors. Below is a list of the materials and products that are available for purchase, and who to contact to purchase them.

Please note that if you are from outside Australia, your country must be licensed for the AR-DRG Classification System before you can purchase the materials and products below. Please see ‘How to purchase a Licence Agreement’ for more information on entering into a licence for the AR-DRG Classification System.

Manuals and mappings

  • ICD-10-AM Alphabetic Index
  • ICD-10-AM Tabular List
  • ACHI Alphabetic Index
  • ACHI Tabular List
  • Australian Coding Standards
  • AR-DRG Definitions Manual (Volumes 1-3)
  • Mapping tables between ICD-10-AM/ACHI editions
  • Electronic Code Lists (ECLs)

To purchase the above products and materials, please visit the AR-DRG Classification System Product Sales. Please note that purchasing the ECLs requires entering into a licensing arrangement with IHPA, which sets the terms and conditions for the use of the ECLs.  To enquire about the ECL licensing arrangement, please contact IHPA at the Classification.Licensing [at] (Classification Licensing mailbox).

AR-DRG Grouper

Software for using the Classification System such as the grouper software can be purchased from the list of vendors below:

Certified Coding Look-up Tools / eBooks

Education Materials

Training and education materials can be arranged by the Australian Consortium of Classification Development and the software vendors that are listed above. Please contact them to discuss your training needs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding how to purchase the AR-DRG products and materials, please send an email to the Classification.Licensing [at] (Classification Licensing mailbox).