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Part 2: Business Rules

The Business rules provide practical or detailed guidance on how a Standard can be translated into action. They have been written from a costing practitioner’s perspective and take into account the practical and operational constraints faced by costing practitioners within their organisation when seeking to address the AHPCS Version 4.0. They provide information requirements and definitions to assist with the costing of more complex services.

These Business rules follow the costing process from the general ledger (GL) through to the final reconciliation of audited accounts and other information sources used in the costing process, such as feeder systems.


The Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards Version 4.0 consists of three parts:

Part 1: Standards
Part 2: Business rules
Part 3: Costing guidelines

This document forms the Business rules.

Numbering convention

The numbering convention of each Business rule is in terms of ‘X.YZ’, where:
X     =     Number of the costing process stage
Y     =     Number of the sub process within the costing process stage
Z     =     Letter of the Business rule associated with the Standard ‘X.Y’


The Glossary of Terms contains definitions for terms present throughout the Business rules.


The Standards and Business rules are grouped under the following costing process stages.

At the beginning of each stage there is a description of what is involved within that stage of the costing process, the applicable Standards and Business rules and a list of documents referenced within the stage.