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Part 1: Standards

The Standards are overarching principles to support and to inform each step in the process of patient level and product costing. They are designed to inform the recommended approach to the costing process and are not meant to be static. The structure of the Standards is intended to more closely align with the product costing process. The Standards are evolving guidelines that will continue to be updated and improved upon, as processes develop.


The Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards Version 4.0 comprises three parts:

Part 1: Standards (including Attachments)
Part 2: Business rules
Part 3: Costing guidelines

This document forms the Standards.

Guide to using this document

Numbering convention

The numbering convention of each Standard is in terms of ‘X.Y’, where:

X     =     Number of costing process stage
Y     =     Number of sub process within the costing process stage


The Glossary of terms contains definitions for terms present throughout the Standards.


The Standards and Business rules are grouped under the following costing process stages.

At the beginning of each stage there is a description of what is involved within that stage of the costing process, the applicable Standards and Business rules, and a list of documents referenced within the stage.